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Status: Closed

This is a message from the STL Principia School campus. Due to the winter storm warning in effect until 6 pm today, the campus is closed. That means all activities on campus, including production rehearsal are canceled.

The basketball banquet will be held Monday night at 5:30 in the Panther Room. The metaphysical talk has tentatively been rescheduled to March 29 and the Cedars Camp show will be rescheduled for after spring break as well. Further details will be communicated at a later date.

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Business Office

Status: Open

Weather Report


Status: Closed

Due to snow and hazardous road conditions, the Elsah campus is officially closed on Sunday, March 1st. Only essential services personnel will be required to be at work on March 1st.

As you know, in order to meet the needs of students, some department activities continue regardless of weather conditions. Principia is grateful to these essential personnel for being at their posts even during inclement conditions.

Remember, safety is the highest priority! When weather conditions are hazardous, employees who commute are asked to use discretion and to contact their immediate supervisor about arrival or departure plans.

Weather Report

314.514.3000 for the School campus
314.514.3111 for the School campus security
618.374.5588 for the College campus
618.374.5111 for the College campus security

*Unless the campus has officially closed or is under a delayed opening, time away from work due to weather should be considered vacation time.