Strategic Plan

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In February 1935, a few weeks before Principia College moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Elsah, Illinois, founder Mary Kimball Morgan shared this insight: “There is a plan for the progress of Principia—God’s plan. It is ours to see and understand, so that we may be in harmony with it. . . . May we now see the further unfolding of God’s plan” (Education at The Principia, p. 108).

Nearly 80 years later, this updated strategic plan (approved by the Board of Trustees in November 2014) springs from that same desire to “see the further unfolding of God’s plan.”

Looking ahead five years, Vision 2020: Principia’s Strategic Plan builds on the accomplishments of the preceding plan, approved in 2009. This updated plan provides a well-informed and progressive vision for Principia’s future, along with strategic goals, objectives, and a detailed outline for arriving at that vision.

We’re interested in your thoughts! Please explore these pages, share your thoughts, and join us in seeing “the further unfolding of God’s plan” for Principia.


Mission, Vision, and Values

Principia exists to serve the Cause of Christian Science. Our vision articulates our near-term destination and keeps the community on course as we strive daily to realize Principia founder Mary Kimball Morgan’s ideal of the Christ-idea in education.

Core Goals

Principia has identified five core goals as priorities in the current strategic plan. We expect to realize our vision for 2020 by focusing in concrete, measurable ways on these goals:

  • Strengthen Educational Excellence
  • Promote Christian Science-Based Character Education
  • Nurture Success Beyond Principia
  • Grow Enrollment
  • Steward Resources Responsibly

Get Involved

We welcome your feedback and your prayerful support for Principia’s strategic plan! As Principia founder Mary Kimball Morgan noted in 1940, “We must do everything from the standpoint of demonstration, in which infinite wisdom is the impelling force” (Education at The Principia, p. 126).

All alumni and friends are invited to participate in Principia’s progress.