Christian Science

For more than a century, Principia’s purpose has been “to serve the Cause of Christian Science through appropriate channels open to it as an educational institution.” We strive to fulfill that purpose by encouraging our students “to think clearly, vigorously, fearlessly, tolerantly, and unselfishly”—in every aspect of their lives (Education at The Principia, p. 229). Our students, as well as faculty and staff members, combine high expectations of themselves and others with a willingness to help one another, a combination that fosters success.

“As the sowing, the reaping” is Principia’s motto. It’s a simple equation. What we receive is in direct proportion to what we give. Principians are encouraged and expected to give their all in every activity—academic, athletic, artistic, social, and spiritual.

Although Principia is not affiliated with the Christian Science Church, the practice of Christian Science is the cornerstone of campus life.