Chief Executive Search Results

August 26, 2021

After several meetings over the last two months and much prayer, the Principia Trustees have decided to indefinitely suspend the current process for selecting a new permanent Chief Executive. We deeply appreciate the exceptional devotion and inspiration expressed by all the candidates and thank the CE Search Committee for their outstanding work reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, collecting community input, and choosing two finalists for Board consideration. We also want to thank everyone who participated in the democratic process of providing community input. It was an invaluable period for the Board of increased understanding and appreciation of our community and its mission.

The Board felt it was essential there be strong trustee support for the chosen candidate evidenced by at least a super majority of trustee votes. While the finalists displayed impressive experience, qualities, devotion, and skills, neither received super majority support. No one was rejected, but ultimately no one was chosen.

For the meantime, in the absence of a newly selected Chief Executive, we have unanimously asked our Chair, Dr. Scott Schneberger, to assume the additional role of Acting Chief Executive starting September 1, 2021, for six months. Dennis Marunde has graciously accepted appointment as Scott’s deputy CE in Scott’s absence until he can arrive on campus October 1, 2021, at which point Dennis will depart. Please give them your complete and embracing prayerful support for the “grace to go forward.”

During this period, the trustees and the Acting CE will be assigning high priority to building a greater sense of unity and trust within the Principia community. We will be reexamining the organizational structure for possible other, better options, and exploring ways to give key administrative leaders additional opportunities to develop and express their natural leadership skills with greater responsibilities.

Each of us has a part in ensuring the success of one another as we play our respective roles in Principia’s progress. We can dedicate ourselves to a conscious, concerted effort to more closely unite our thoughts and efforts to provide what the world desperately needs. Principia is a precious spiritual idea – unique in the world. Few educational institutions are built on the concept “…that man as the child of God reflects the intelligence and strength of his Maker, and that all men have equal opportunity and equal ability in the sight of God.” (Policy 3) To effectively offer this extraordinary educational experience, our organization must be harmonious, unified, and supportive of each other.

Our goal is for each member of this community to feel loved, valued, and cherished. Let’s dismiss any suggestion that our God-like nature can be denied, and claim our true, God-given divine identity. We specifically ask those in leadership positions to take tangible steps to unite the community’s thought more closely toward one Mind, one Principia, and one mission.