Strategic Goal III: Boost Engagement

BOOST ENGAGEMENT: Enhance student engagement to better prepare students for the future.


We will reimagine the student experience to enhance engagement in high-impact practices. We anticipate this goal will improve students’ development of the skills, attitudes, and competencies needed to be productive, contributing community members and to be prepared for workforce and post-baccalaureate success.


3.1. Career Readiness: Create a comprehensive student career development program across the institution that connects and integrates student employment, careers, academics, and alumni.

3.2. Quality of Campus Life: Reimagine the quality of campus-life programming (life skills, healthy relationships, resiliency skill, work/life balance, financial literacy).

3.3. Global Citizenship: Create and facilitate opportunities to cultivate students’ international engagement and the intercultural competencies needed to thrive in a diverse, multicultural world.