Strategic Goal IV: Practice Sustainability

PRACTICE SUSTAINABILITY: Strengthen and continually improve Principia's organizational sustainability through innovative and active stewardship of its human, ecological, and financial resources.


Principia will broaden its commitment to sustainability. As a learning community and an educational institution, we have the responsibility to demonstrate sustainable practices and education to our community by balancing stewardship of our resources across the three pillars of sustainability (social, ecological, economic).

Our goal is to meet the needs of the existing Principia community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We seek to demonstrate social sustainability by nurturing Principia's human resources through active support of staff and faculty engagement. In support of ecological sustainability, we practice active and careful management of Principia's natural resources, including its significant land and water resources, and through the wise design and maintenance of its infrastructure. Using best practices, we will create a long-term financial plan that implements sound fiscal protocols so that we exercise "wisdom, economy, and brotherly love" in ensuring that Principia's financial future is sustainable (Manual of The Mother Church, Article XXIV, Section 5).


4.1. Human Capital and Social Equity: Actively promote the vision of Principia as a sustainable community through an emphasis on faculty and staff engagement by valuing human capital, professional development, and social equity across operational, administrative, and academic landscapes. 

4.2. Ecological/Environmental Sustainability: Actively promote the use of best practices in Principia's stewardship of its natural resources by implementing actions that facilitate achieving zero waste and carbon neutrality, that are sustainable in terms of food and campus infrastructure, and that minimize our ecological footprint.

4.3. Economic/Financial Sustainability: Actively promote the vision of Principia as a fiscally resilient community by developing a long-term economic strategy that includes financial initiatives that balance short- and long-term revenue against expenses.