Strategic Goal V: Increase Partnerships

INCREASE PARTNERSHIPS: Expand partnerships with other schools and organizations to provide Principia students with broader and more diverse learning environments.


The School is dedicated to further improving students’ learning experiences through exposure to expanded and more diverse growth opportunities. We are committed to providing Principia students and faculty a broader range of development experiences that move well beyond the campus grounds.


5.1. School-to-School Partnerships with St. Louis-Area Schools: By purposefully networking and partnering with other teachers in St. Louis-area schools, Principia will develop a listening toolbox and co-plan units for students. Students will be able to interact with and learn alongside non-Principia students. Our approach is intended to create possible opportunities for a more diverse range of students to learn and enroll at Principia.

5.2. Faculty- and Staff-Initiated Partnerships: To help create a better experience through deeper community engagements and new leadership opportunities, faculty will be engaged at all levels of partnership development. This commitment to continued education will provide Principia faculty with new and broader professional growth experiences.