Strategic Goal VI: Illuminate Pathways

ILLUMINATE PATHWAYS: Advance academic excellence through continual curriculum improvements to increase students’ achievement levels in the core academic skills and college-readiness pathways.


Principia is committed to specific curriculum processes or focuses to support learning and student success. We will ensure that our focus is always on developing future-ready skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Our programs will be designed to meet a variety of students’ learning needs, both from foundational growth and strong college-readiness standpoints.

We will reinforce and broaden the Christian Science foundation of Principia in ways that support our “Future Ready: Thriving School” model. The School's culture will reflect our values, boost student success, and support health and well-being.  Our learning environments will feature sustainability as a central planning component.


6.1. New Curriculum and Articulated Learning Pathways:  The School has developed a series of new, future-ready curriculum initiatives that will be prioritized and launched in an iterative sequence to build progressively stronger learning opportunities and assessments. To highlight Principia's ability to assist in students' overall growth after arriving at the School, multiple learning pathways will be formulated to convey our outstanding supplemental learning support and college-readiness components.  

6.2. Faculty Development: Future-ready faculty benefit from continual improvement training in traditional areas of teaching and learning, including classroom management and lesson and unit design. Continuing professional development (CPD) in differentiated instruction will be added to bolster the emerging learning pathways, integrate technology into instructional experiences, provide multistage student learning assessments, deliver instruction in a variety of modes, and facilitate the globalization of the curriculum.

6.3. Classroom and Student-Record Enhancements: The School intends to design the classroom experience as a starting point for supporting the learning and engagement of all students. Through innovative programs such as a connected curriculum—Radical Reasoning, SySTEMic Exploration, urban experiences and experiential trips, additional dual credit courses, and workplace experiences—students will be exposed to a wider variety of learning and growth opportunities. Students' transcripts will be expanded to a co-curricular format that highlights their extracurricular activities.