Strategic Goal VII: Advance and Improve the Academic Experience

ADVANCE AND IMPROVE THE ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Advance academic excellence by enhancing opportunities for Principia College to be a dynamic community of thought leaders, independent thinkers, and lifelong learners.


We are committed to developing and engaging our students to become leaders of tomorrow. We recognize that educating future leaders requires a commitment to faculty and staff skill development, research, creative work, and/or experiential learning, as well as the enhancement of our students’ academic engagement. We believe that an engaged student body, staff, and faculty will promote academic excellence and a dynamic community.


7.1. Embrace Best Practices: Continually assess and improve our academic programs. Use intentionality and integration of the curriculum to better meet the needs of current and upcoming student populations.

7.2. Increase Student Engagement: Intentionally provide opportunities for greater student engagement throughout the academic experience.

7.3. Faculty Development: Increase support for formal faculty development.