Todd Boyman

Todd Boyman (US’83, C’87) of St. Louis, Missouri, attended Principia from Preschool through College. During his time at the College, Todd spent one quarter representing Principia as a member of the Admissions Marketing Program, traveling from Seattle to San Francisco, meeting with prospective students, alumni, donors, and friends of Principia in support of College admissions. Todd has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years in businesses ranging from tech, to international trading, to food. Today, he is co-founder and CEO of Hungry Planet, a company working to transform our food systems to be more sustainable through the creation of a full range of plant-based meats. Todd’s wife Stephanie (C’92) served for many years in the home department at Principia School, including as lead housemom in the dorm. Todd and Stephanie have two daughters, Zoe (US’16) and Tessa (US’19).