Highlights from Principia's Benefits Package

Retirement/Annuity Plan and Group Life Insurance

Employees are strongly encouraged to choose one of several options for retirement and annuity investments. Principia offers matching contributions. All contributions are fully vested upon participation.

Principia shares the premium cost for life insurance equal, in most cases, to two times one's annual salary, with lesser coverage for dependents. Additional coverage may be purchased.

PrinCare Plus Plan and Other Health Plan Options

Unlike most employers, Principia reimburses for many of the costs associated with Christian Science care and treatment. Reimbursement for medical care is also provided, along with elective benefits such as dental, vision, and flexible spending accounts.

Tuition Discount, Tuition Remission, and Loan Forgiveness

The tuition discount for full-time, benefits-eligible staff is 90 percent for all children who are enrolled in a for-credit, tuition-based Principia educational program from Pre-K through College. Childcare and Acorn (infant) programs are excluded per current IRS code. This benefit is calculated based on the full-time equivalency (FTE) of the staff member’s position. As long as one or more parents hold benefits-eligible positions at Principia that total one full-time position (1.0 FTE), all qualifying children will receive a 90 percent discount on tuition.

Many employees also qualify for tuition remission for one course per quarter at Principia College. Spouses not employed at Principia may receive tuition remission as well.

Graduates of Principia College may reduce their student loan debt through employment at Principia.

Paid Time Off

Along with a generous amount of vacation time (one month for full-time, year-round employees), Principia provides paid personal days, parental leaves, holidays, leaves for illness, and the option of flex-time. 

In addition, many employees qualify for two weeks' paid leave for the purpose of taking Christian Science class instruction from an authorized teacher of Christian Science (when class occurs during regularly scheduled work time). Leave for class instruction is in addition to vacation or any other paid leave.  

Miscellaneous Benefits

Employees receive discounts at the Guest House at the College. Summer Session evening programs at the College are also available to employees free of charge. 

Employees and their family members may borrow books from both campuses' libraries and are welcome to attend the many cultural activities that come to the School and College, including concerts, lectures, art exhibits, and other special programs. Many of these programs are free, as are most student productions and athletic events.

The Best Benefit of All

Excellent and comprehensive employee benefits are important and contribute to our exceptional working environment, but what's best about working at Principia is the opportunity to make a difference in young Christian Scientists' lives. Every job at Principia carries that responsibility and reward.