“Outstanding Delegation” Award Goes to … Principia College!

(The Illinois state capital. Photo courtesy of Model Illinois Government)

At the 44th annual Model Illinois Government simulation in Springfield, Illinois, the Principia College delegation made a big splash for a tiny team, earning the “Outstanding Small Delegation” award among several other honors.

Nearly 100 undergraduate students from 11 Illinois colleges and universities gathered in person at the Illinois General Assembly for the four-day simulation March 3–6. The event mirrors the experience of assembly members working on state legislation. The students research and debate actual pieces of legislation from the prior session of the Illinois General Assembly to learn more about state legislative processes.

(Swearing in of the delegates. Photo courtesy of Lizzie Roehr)

All four students were active members in committee and floor sessions, skillfully debating legislation and demonstrating their strong knowledge of public policies on a wide range of topics,” says Dr. Brian Roberts, chair of Principia’s Political Science Department and faculty advisor for the College’s delegation. “I am very proud of the students. This award is a nice recognition of their outstanding performance throughout the entire simulation.”

Senior Delaney Gatine served as Principia’s Head Delegate and was elected to one of the leadership positions (assistant minority leader) in the model House of Representatives. Senior Erin Demaree and first-year student Charley Hoffman were selected as minority spokespersons for their respective House committees. Senior Cassidy Proctor was also a member of the House minority and authored a significant amendment to a piece of legislation.

“Students choose among various roles including legislators, lobbyists, journalists, attorneys, justices, budget analysts, as well as many leadership positions within the parties and committees,” writes Mackenzi Matthews, the governor of the Model Illinois simulation and a student at the University of Illinois Springfield. “Within the legislature, students are assigned political parties and districts and placed in committees of their particular interests. The legislators then simulate the legislative processes in the actual committee rooms and chambers of the Capitol building.”

Visit the Model Illinois Government website for more information.

(Principia College delegates, left to right: Charley Hoffman, Delaney Gatine, Cassidy Proctor, and Erin Demaree. Photo by Dr. Brian Roberts)