Frequently Asked Questions

How can I listen to Principia Internet Radio?
You can listen on any computer or wireless device that can access the Internet.

Sometimes when listening to PIR I hear a distracting echo, like hearing the program more than once at the same time.  What can I do?

If you are experiencing an echo, it is probably because you have opened PIR in more than one browser window on your computer.  When you do that, each window opens a new player and they may all be running at the same time, with some delay from one to the other.  The solution is to close the extra player windows and only have one open at a time.  Don't worry, this is a common occurance and we get calls about it from time to time.  The solution is very simple.

Can I listen on a radio?
Unfortunately not. The program is only available over the Internet. However, as wireless systems are becoming more popular, it is possible to listen to Principia Internet Radio with portable wireless devices. Some of our listeners are already doing just that. In the future, we expect that most of our audience will be listening over some kind of wireless device, which makes it almost like conventional radio.

Can I listen anywhere in the world?
Yes, at least anywhere you can get a reliable Internet connection. We have had good reports from places as far away as Germany, Mexico City, England, and Taiwan.

What does buffering mean?
By the time our program reaches your computer, it has traveled through many connection points along the Internet. Sometimes, your program may even be re-routed while you are listening to it. To avoid having the program cut in and out frequently due to Internet issues, your computer stores several seconds of the program in advance. The process is called buffering. If you experience a short drop-out in service, the stored audio is played to cover the outage. If it all works as it should, you will not even hear this happen. However, if an outage occurs which is longer than the amount audio stored in your computer, the program will stop until your computer can catch up again.

What software do I need to listen to Principia Internet Radio?
Any standard internet browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer.

What is the difference between your regular programming, your downloadable programs and your podcasts?
When you are listening to Principia Internet Radio, you are listening to programming coming directly from our studios as it happens. For example, if you are listening to a live basketball game, it is happening right then. 

Our downloadable programs are replays of programs that have already played on Principia Internet Radio. They are made available to you in mp3 format to listen to after-the-fact, at your convenience. They can also be loaded onto an iPod or other portable player for listening on the go. You can also download them and share them with others.

Our podcasts are programs available for iPod and iPhone users via iTunes. The advantage of this method is that you can subscribe to our programs so when we put them on iTunes, they will automatically load to your computer and your iPod or iPhone.

How can I tell when programs are on?
With so much happening on two campuses, and with much of it happening on short notice, the best way for you to find out what is coming up is on the calendar. We also mention what’s coming up in our radio programming. So, if you listen a lot, you won’t miss anything important.

Where is your main studio located?
The studio of Principia Internet Radio is located in the Merrick Wing on the College campus. It serves as an academic laboratory for the Mass Communication Department. Much of what you hear is produced with the substantial input of mass communication students. We are happy to give you a tour when you are in town.

What kind of studio equipment do you have?
This is the technical stuff! We use Axia Element digital consoles, with an IP networked audio system running on a Gig network using two Cisco routers. Programming is provided by means of a WideOrbit radio automation system. We also have connections to live venues on both campuses, and by means of a backhaul streaming system we can broadcast from any location that has a campus network connection. Our state-of-the-art professional equipment not only provides us with great programming flexibility, it gives students the opportunity to have a teaching laboratory that replicates the finest radio stations.