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  • The campus is mask optional. Protocols will be adjusted as needed. 

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COVID Status Update as of October 7

  • Principia College Campus continues to be a mask-optional campus
  • An important component of this transition is transparency related to our two key stated metrics.  We will do our best to keep these numbers up to date.

Metrics and Current Status

  • Positivity rate as a percentage of the population (students, faculty, and staff): 

    • Target less than 2%; 
  • Current: 0 Positive Students; 0 Positive Faculty/Staff: 0% of Total Population

  • Occupancy of available quarantine/isolation rooms:
    • Target less than 75%; 
      Current: 0 student close contacts in quarantine = 0%

If either of the above metrics are met then the COVID committee will reassess the campus policies and take action according to the situation.

We expect continued guidance from the CDC in the coming weeks and will continue to update our policies to stay aligned with the spirit of new CDC guidance as they are published.

Members of Principia College faculty and staff with concerns and/or objections regarding the above framework should continue to make those known directly to Mitch Stock. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we seek to navigate the way forward with wisdom and grace.

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